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Apple on campus

Apple on campus

Apple on campus

Conducted the campus first reading of Ordinance No.


13-2113: An Ordinance of the Cupertino City deal Council approving the rezoning of an approximately 1.1 Acre Area from Park and Recreation (PR)to Planned Industrial Park (P(MP) located at APN and, Z-2011-03; and Adopted Resolution No.

Oh, you mean everyone in the world already knows what it is and cannot be fooled?

13-086, vacating a portion of Pruneridge Avenue, between Wolfe Road and Tantau Avenue, and various public easements; and Resolution No.

The Final EIR consists of the June 2013 Apple Campus 2 Project Environmental Impact Report (Draft EIR), the September 2013 Responses to Comments Document and the Supplemental Text Revisions.

13-084 approving: Development Permit to allow the demolition of approximately 2.66 million square ups store locator feet of existing office, research and development buildings and the construction of 3.42 three rivers federal credit union million square feet of office, research, and development buildings; 120,000 square feet (1,000 seat) corporate auditorium, 100,000 square feet corporate fitness center, and 25,000 square feet Valet Parking Reception.

Responses to key comments on the project are provided in an attachment to the October 15, 2013, City Council staff report.

Apple is a company that sells delicious apple fruit that grows on trees.

13-087, authoring the City Manager to execute a Purchase and Sale Agreement campus with Campus Holdings, Inc.

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