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Fender custom shop

Fender custom shop

Fender custom shop

View the Stratocaster Artisan Series Work of Art Meets Purity of Design.

Its all thanks to a super-secret formula decorating cakes in which the pickups are simmered, offering plenty of texture, resonance and complexityeven when the tone is at its most punishing.

Artists like Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Dick Dale, Paul Weller, Merle Haggard, and more have all taken the time to give their stamp of approval to this amazing collection of guitars and basses.

Choosing the Fender Custom Shop instrument that is right for you skateboarding can be as fender custom shop simple as choosing your favorite musician.

Explosive, yet elegant, this is an amazing axe for any Cray fan.

Since 1987, the Fender Custom Shop has been a "dream factory producing guitars that are to playing what Ferraris are to driving.

Able to bring the unique idiosyncrasies of David's playing to life like no other shop instrument, this guitar is highlighted by its custom pickups, Gilmour's infamous electronics and a shortened vintage tremolo arm.

If you're looking for an instrument that captures the sound of a specific era or artist like nothing else, then you need a Fender Custom Shop guitar or bass.

A look at some of the names shop who have stepped foot in the Custom Shop over the years to give their input on the perfect guitar will leave you absolutely shop stunned.

Custom Built fender custom shop Master Built One of a Kind.

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