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Organic food stores

Organic food stores

Organic food stores

Whether its from a chocolate store small food local grower or a larger farm in another state, our organic produce has to come from certified organic growers.

Certifiers accredited by the US Department of knife Agriculture (USDA ) evaluate the plans and production systems at facilities that process organic foods.; Even though they are assessing different details than they are at an organic farm, the certifiers are still looking for the same basic organic compliance points: Organic integrity of sources (verifying that organic ingredients.

Here are just a few examples: Throughout the stores, we organic food stores go to great lengths to ensure that organic and conventional products never touch; theres no co-mingling here.

When sanitizing a surface that touches food knives, cutting games boards, organic food stores displays, bins were required to completely remove any sanitizer residue, and our team members keep written logs showing that theyve removed cleaner and sanitizer from food contact surfaces.

So, when someone says organic, bucolic images of farms, orchards and pastures probably come to mind.

Courtney Mudge is the Organic Certification Manager for Whole organic Foods Market.

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